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Tree of Knowledge

This page will sort information between "Good" and "Evil". Somedays we hang out in Tree of Good and some days we hang in Tree of Evil. Both trees are flooded with wisdom and experience to be gained. What is important is what we learn in both trees throughout our lifetime and how we gamify The Future of Humanity.

Tree of Evil

Truth is ruthlessly effective. So is Biology.
Truth is Tree of Evil is Powerful.

Rise 2 Power

Beta Test Debut: Average listen time 45 minutes
Namaste, Ola, Bonjour, Merci Beaucoup. I am blown away at the truth. I am utterly greatful for the positive energy. I could not have asked for anything more as an Artist. Oh, if you are wondering Je'mapelle F|Lama B|anca.

Live from the foxhole. This album was designed to get the people going in the name of peace, power and joy. This album is a a useful tool to listen to when programming, meditating or background ambiance in a social setting. It's the perfect wildcard to play in groups to see how "dance monkey" plays out. For example, my friends like Rod Mac Neil to put my music on at parties to mess with the energy. If you do the same, many will ask "What is this?" "Who is this?". Here is a tip the ones that refuse to listen to a homo sapien playing rock for 45 minutes straight one take, you don't want them around anyways. Say goodbye to Karen with this music. You see, I design my music this way. Blocks certain people out. See Tree of Good for the lighter sound of the same energy as Tree Of Evil. Congratulations you now have competitive advantage and are generating potential leads for your future prosperity. Business development. Information is key. So are number. Like mrroi.

But on the real, I don't see too many artist play this style anymore. I feel this album gives back to the rock side of music. It's from the heart and doesn't suck. I love seeing people react in joy when I play this album in the streets on my electric guitar. LOUD! hehe =0). Turns out this album average listen time is the entire album! 45 minutes! Like "Whut!?" "Dude Where's My Car". This is huge actually. I play this album in the streets on random days in Port Coquitlam, BC. People feel the flow for sure. What if I were to play this in person around the world? That would be funzickles. Take me kids out of school to learn from their dad how to rock. haha.

I had the idea of making this album in my head for 10-15 years. Thanks to the positive affirmations from Alana "Jesse you should just make the album". You know when The Queen plays her hand it's time to action her wisdom. So in hopes I would find the most amazing love song for Alana which I did btw; I created four albums for my debut as a Musician or whatever.

Boobears Greatest Hits: Volume 2 was the original title. You got to remember the story though. Do you know the lore of Code Red and Metal God? I do admit I am a beast but have you met Neilly Neil? "aka" The Man of $tee|?
So man, being around such a talented artist who produced two of his own full feature films that didn't suck.
Successful marketers learn how to market their content in more then one way. So I have re-packaged this track as The Tree of Evil that had a 45 minute listen time until I changed to "Tree of Evil" theme on December 23, 2020. My Sister's birthday! Happy birthday Chelsey! Awww hey, that's nice number, December 23, 2020.

I will see 70 more December 23rd's if I reach my goal of living to be 111 years of ago. Seventy years from now would bring me to December 23, 2090. Hmm.....That's it eh? That's the clock that is really running out in our lives. Anyways, I am optimizing everything abound 1 right now. Like I say, truth is ruthlessly effective. When you get truth for decades you gain wisdom and experience. Your gifts are to be given to the world not hoarded like a miser on Hoarders sick with Gold Fever.

Okay so anyways, we got lots of science and everyone is really exited! This is why we formed Twin F|@me$ Weekly Party. Wednesdays 1:11 pm pst. Will be raising the totem pole followed by a live rock session to Tree of Evil followed by Tree of Good.

Join Us:

Weekly Wednesday at 1:11 am and 1:11pm pst every wednesday at the Twin Flames Jam Session at for business development and fellowship.

Tree of Good

Turth is this Tree Of Good is where the big gains are. In The Tree of Good you get the chromatic scale of energy as good understands and fights evil to keep it in place.
+1:11 | 11:1- | Rod Of Jesse

This is the acoustic version of tree of evil. Acoustic is where the energy turns into good for Rod of Jesse. I have to remind myself this is me playing the guitar for 25 minutes straight non stop on the first album of four as my Musical Debut. Math says Jesus and Flat Earth people are in Tree Of Good. To find good you make a square and focus your reality within that square. I like to say container. One of my scientist colleagues I respect, were talking Gamification. He said Jesus energy is the best ROI in life for personal development. Hands down. Wasn't even a matter of discussion. Gamification wise. Like chess being an obsolete game years ago and now becoming popular again. I am certain the sooner you have Linux and Jesus in your life the sooner you will reach The Promise Land.

Beta Test Debut: Average listen time 26 minutes.

Jesse Tree is our use case for Isiah 11:11.
Me Jesse Willam Mac Dougall. I am Tree of Jesse.
Jesse is important in Jesus energy because Jesse gave birth to the father of Jesus so he's probably a good dude.
It's pretty cool actually. There even is a Jesse Tree Outside my Foxhole.
For alignment with Jesus Jesse energy click here

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