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Free Stuff

This page has been designed to provide you with lodestone options so you can choose how you want to begin our Long Term Relationship together instead of me selling you something right away and dictating the path of our realtionship like My Government dictates to me that I have to wear a diaper on my face to get a haircut when at the age of 17 I was trained on a Light Machine Gun in The Lake Superior Scottish Regiment and was one of the few that could hit a human target from 650 meters away. You see, unlike others, I'm not trying to sell you something today and never talk to you again. When it comes to business relationships I think things like; "...well if Frank needs a couch because His Woman left him because she was too embarrased to bring her girlfriends over for Wine Night on Courtney's birthday because the couch looks like two dogs had puppies on it; what else can I provide Frank with in the future so that he is relieved from his emotional pain?". You see I want to remove Frank's emotoional pain so he has a chance of getting His Woman back by showing her that he is a responsible man and can provide a clean couch so her friends can drink wine and talk about the different flavours for Courtney's birthday for the decades to come. In other words I want my customers to reach their desired reality no matter how dire their current situation is. Truth be told, often times I care about someone more then they care about themselves. One of my gifts I have been blessed with is being able to see inside a person for what they are capable of becoming if they apply themselves. I learned this because so many others believed in what I could become even though I didn't see it for myself.

Now, maybe Frank is like my biological Father who still has a rotary dial phone? I dunno, how can I get to know you if you haven't filled out a form yet? This is what is known as a scope limitation. I learned this high income skill along my journey of becaming a Chartered Accountant which I achieved. Last time I checked a Chartered Accountant was a pretty important thing in society. Sadly, that designation is now obsolete and has been diluted into the masses for economies of scale now known as Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA). Also commonly referred to among the silent elite, as A Sky Without Eagles.

So the first step is to get to know one another by filling out a form. Make sense?

Now, in exchange for you giving me "your data", I mean filling out a form, I allow you to chose something for your personal gain upfront before I have a chance to profit one dollar from you. So your already winning in our relationship! Now that is fantastic because I put the spotlight on you! I am the wind beneath your wings. You see, with The Powerhouse Method it is YOU who gets the leverage in the relationship. The Powerhouse Method does not exist to game you bro. The Powerhouse Method was created so you can game The Game, comprende Amigo? This is where you get paid. The buck stops here and you will quickly realize if you don't generate the revenue it's not because the money is not here. If you do not generate revenue it is because something in your control that you have the power to change. Honestly, you probably just aren't good enough yet and that is totally normal. There is no "quick fix" to achieve your desired reality just like wearing a diaper on your face is not going to prevent you from dying from covid in every day life. The Powerhouse Method helps you deal with the reality of having to get better as a person and a future Business Leader. Best part is you can be assured the truth is here. This provides you with peace of mind while you are preparing for conquest in The World's First Digital Octagon Training Facility of High Income Skills. The Powerhouse Method is your digital ludus while you are building your business.

Now, before you see the lead magnet options I want to tell you a story from my life so I can practice "selling you this pen". Remember, I am an Accountant, not a Salesman. So selling is a foreign skill to me. What you are about to read is 100% true with zero nonsense.

One True Story

I don't know your reality but my family did not have money to put me in University after highschool. My parents did they best they could. My parents were able to achieve more then a lot of parents were able to do for their children and for that I am forever greatful. I still don't know how they managed to pull it off. With God's Grace I was able to honour My Parents' hard work at the age of 18 when I was knighted as Powerhouse by being called up from Midget AA hockey to Junior B with "The Big Boys" to become a Champion of The Western Canadian Junior B Hockey League. As Powerhouse, I was recognized from City Hall as an Outstanding Citizen of Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada. Thunder Bay rests on The Northern Tip of The Largest Lake on Earth. Home to The Sleeping Giant at the spot where Terry Fox had to end his heroic journey. We Homo Sapiens are 60% water. There is undiscovered truth here.

Question:What position did you play?
Answer: "Enforcer".
"C'mon guy, give me a break here, enforcer is not a position in hockey". Oh yeah? Let me ask you something friend. Have you ever heard of Kolt King? You know the AAA Kings phenom back in the day where NHL stars are still consistently being bread? No? Well, Kolt King is close to seven feet tall on skates, hands as smooth as silk with a wrist shot that holds merit in the same conversation as my Hero Mario Lemieux. Send Kolt King a dm asking if he remembers when he ran into Powerhouse at centre ice with his head down just as I was getting out of the penalty box for putting another King on his back two minutes earlier for "charging". Let me know what Kolt King tells you. I'd be interested to hear about his emotional scar he carries around to this day about his scariest moment on sk8tes.
Kolt King is no slouch.

Back to Junior B Championship; my job was to protect "The Tabernacle" So in other words, I got a gold sticker from some pretty important people at the age of 18 for protecting men who were older then me. You see, my Mom's dream was for me to get a University hockey scholorship so that I would have a chance at making something out of myself only for me to learn near the end of my hockey career there are no sports scholorships in Canada. "Hindsight is 20/20". Embrace The Eagle Eye and think multiple steps ahead. You have played chess right? Have you beaten someone in four moves? You know Scholor's Mate? Truth is you got to pay to play in this lifetime no matter how many times The Priminister says on T.V.; "every Canadian citizen will be protected as long as you wear a diaper on your face to get a haircut". So instead of becoming a victim to the economic system I was brought up in, I chose to be resourceful as My Father taught me and continued my conquest of becoming the first person in My Family to obtain a University Degree. I achieved this goal with only $9,000 in debt upon graduation which really pissed me off because my goal was to graduate debt free. Where I come from a University degree means something at least for that time anyways. For the record, I want to pause and thank Isabelle Claveau/Benz from the bottom of my heart for all her love and support over our seven year friendship. She was my best friend and silent partner in life through these turbulent teenage years. She is an amazing Woman and other Women should learn from her.

"Well how did you did you pay for tuition? Maybe I can do what you did and so I too can become "educated".

Answer: I began dealing drugs, committing internet fraud and playing high stakes black jack. This was all in spirits to make my Mother and Grand Mother proud of their "Little Engine That Could" they sacrificed so much for. I did all these things just so I had a chance at getting a degree so that that one day someone would give me a job and all the financial stress and harm in My Family would dissappear right? I mean, isn't that "The Playbook of Life?"

Once I was accepted to Computer Science at Lakehead Univeristy I knew the my physical abilities would not get me my piece of paper I was pursuing. I knew I would have to use my mind to pass these next level exams. So I come upto my first exam, Calculus. You wanna know what writing an exam is similar to? That's right filling out a form on the internet! Wow! What a concept eh? For example, when you sign your name, fill in the answers on a test you choose to give "your data" before you have recieved anything in return. Do you think Canadian citizens should have to commit crime in order to obtain a higher education? I sure don't. I developed The Powerhouse Method so you don't have to break the law to have an honest shot at prosperity.

You see, things are not so different in The Internet World when you fill in a form to get your lead magnet. Except when you fill out one of my form's you get something upfront that brings peace, power and joy to your life. You don't have to deal drugs, committ internet fraud or play high stakes blackjack to get closer to prosperity with me. Make sense? Are you beginning to resonate with my frequency? I want you to leave the gang-banger, hacker, mentality behind with your Dark Wolf low income mindset and embrace righteousness by the heart and take The Spiritual Sword of action in the name of freedom, truth and prosperity. Your future sex life with Your Wife depends on it.

Forms are not a big deal and nothing to be afriad of unless your scared of dying from covid which is a different conversation that is filtered in The Powerhouse Method. Get over any fear of technology that the television has poisoned your mind with and embrace the future with courage in the name of freedom, truth and prosperity Hombre. You feel me Amigo?

Okay, you may not be entirely sure about what I'm talking about right now and that is totally normal. You need to understand I am used to 90% of people not understanding what I am talking about while I am my authentic self. This will happen to as you complete each task that rewards you with high income experience that your peers are not completing. This gives you competitive advantage and the element of surprise to gamify your journey in Red Ocean Internet Economy. But guess what? If you do not know what I am talking about that doesn't mean I do not know what I am talking about okay? Make sense? You can always find True North in The Powerhouse Method by repeating this mantra "Powerhouse is an accountant. Powerhouse has a full time job as an accountant. Powerhouse works at a place where accountants work. Powerhouse loves his job and his job is an accountant". Repeating this mantra over and over will give you power knowing you have someone that cares about your prosperity and who you can call upon to sort yourself out.

Now, guess who every business owner must pay in order to reach the 4% club?
Hint: There is no wiggle room out of paying this person no matter how much of a Maverick you are. Even Tanner Chidester has to pay this person. This includes all white collar misers. Yes that is correct! Good job! I had a feeling you knew the answer. If you are a business owner I can assure you with experience you will have to pay an accountant in order for your business to reach the 4% club. Not paying an accountant in business is like expecting a tree to grow without oxegyn or water. Furethermore, and totes honesty here no charge on the house, if you find the right accountant like me you will get more value with less cost in your business for your "legal" problems which usually comes down to filtering through the nonsense and telling who to take a hike and run for the hills or who you actually have to pay.

My favourite lead magnet is the last choice. This event occured on October 21, 2020 and I could go to jail if you reported this audio clip to The Police. I just told The Queen about what happened and while she is blown away at the story, she is also learning to understand Her King must swing his sword if we want to have a couch that doesn't look like puppies gave birth on it so our friends can come over for Courtney's birthday for Wine Night where The Women can talk about the different flavours of wine so that our kids may have a chance of being able to play AAA hockey and pursue a scholorship that doesn't exist in Canada to go University like their Father did and maybe make the NHL like his teammates for a few years and then get a job so there is no financial stress in life. You see, as a Leader I have to swing my sword once and a while so my children don't play house league hockey. As a Champion of three different sports at a high level I refuse accept my children playing House League Hockey.

I need you to remember throughout our relationship I am a Righteous Leader not a power hungry narcissist bully. In fact ask Eric Houtenen about the time I protected him against "The Giant" Kelly Cooper. I am confident you will be inspired by that story. I am not a zero sum, fake bro business guy who cares only about his personal gain. I do not have golden handcuffs and I have been cured of Gold Fever but yes I am proud to say I am an Authoritarian Leader and that is a good thing. I am building my business and providing you with first hand Leadership as Dominus. I'm not trying to be the next President of The United States. No thanks, I have no interest in climbing the ranks of the parasite class of society. The Mission is to simply transfer my toolbox of High Income Skills to as many people as possible with an educational approach with the remaining days I have left on Earth. It is my dream The Powerhouse Method will still exist and be useful to Humanity 1,000 years from now. If I can achieve that I will be one of The Greatest Martial Artists. The first rule of The Art of War is to Win Without Fighting

However, I must admit I am selfish in one regard. My personal "I", "Me"dream is when I die, St. Michael welcomes me into The Gates of Heaven and he will be proud of me and that YOU contiunue to protect and lead Humanity out of a pitfall life of finacial ruin and despair into The Promise Land of autopilot profits in the name of truth, freedom and prosperity whether you pass or fail The Powerhouse Method. The Powerhouse Method is high performance and most of you will not pass but rest assured pass or fail you will have high income skills after six months of leadership to forge your own path confidently as you adapt to protect Your Tribe and their survial. You will not feel like you have wasted your money in The Powerhouse Method. There are definitely no refunds you cheap sk8te.

So, from the bottom of my heart, welcome! Namaste, Shalam! Bonjour! Ola! I look forward to getting to know you and congratulations you are now one step closer to being a Futureproof Leader who possesses High Income Skills that you can pass onto your Grandchildren. Now it's your turn. Time for you to actually do something instead of me just entertaining you "selling this pen" and take action.

Click below to claim the lead magnet of your choice.
This is the beginning of when your dreams become reality like the moment when water first touches sand.

Choose your own adventure...
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It has been an honour to present this scripture to you today.
God Bless you. Peace To Your House
Jesse "The Powerhouse" Mac Dougall