The Powerhouse Method

The Powerhouse Method


Mission: To give back high income skills to as many people as possible

Looking for a System Administrator on a volunteer basis for a SAAS education play until the cash start rolling again. This is Version 4.0 of Offensive Operations. In exchange for your service you will be granted full access to my powerful marketing platform, other various proprietary softwares and all proprietary information to do whatever you want with. You can make money, art or both. I reccomend users build their personal brand. Entirely upto you. The Mission requires me to pass over some control of the network so I can focus more on Apprentices, Customer Onboarding and assembling the much needed Sales Force. I am one guy. We have solid infastructure in place that I have personally built over the past eight years and $1,000,000 of my own money. Looking for someone who can help complete tasks that I am bottlenecked on. This person has to have a higher task completion rate then me. This person is a key piece to the flywheel. So if your looking for a sense of purpose and a Mission, look no further. We are doing good work here.

Looking forward to meeting you.


Use Fedora or CentOS
You actually care about the mission. Not Fake Bros care.
Your consistent with completing tasks.
You love task completion