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I am only able to take one of these Voluneteer Positions at the bottom of the page. Unfortuantely, my love is for sale now a days. As a Man in Canada I have to make sure my kid's get into AAA hockey. I need to put them in a position where I can sell them on the dream of getting a "hockey scholorship." Best thing is; "hockey scholorships" do not exist in Canada =0)
Go figure eh?

History story before we begin. In 73 BCE, 70 Gladiators escaped The House of Batiatus before going on to defeat eight Roman Armies in The Third Servile War also known as The Spartacus Wars. 30 years of slave rebellions in Rome. Think about that for a bit. Visualize that reality.

Truth is, the amount of time I invest into showing you my ruthlessly effective data monetization Nija $ki|$ into your bank account, I could just invest that time into my own bank account and leave you out in the cold with no experience, wisdom or money struggling to pay for an Uber like most people do to you. Nonsense.
Truth is this way.
Keep going.
Your getting closer.

This is the part of me that gives back through love. It is My Dream other rich men with Gold Fever will realize if we horde the gold and do not circulate back to the ecosystem we hurt people. This is why I invest time for volunteer positions. This is White Belt Level conversation in The Powerhouse Method. Principles like these are what make up The New Man.

Non Negotiables:
Six Month Committment:
Consistency is one of The Four C's of The Champion Mindset. A six month agreement allows you to get out of a transactional state of mind with our Long Term Business Relationship. We will assess our relationship every six months.

Optimize Task Completion Ratio:
Talk is cheap results speak. Prosperity does not manifest without tasks being completed. I myself work on the hardest problems first which bring us the biggest Long Term Gains(LTG). LTG tasks require more System 2 brain power. These problems require time and information to solve. Grit. I am one person like you who can only complete one task at a time. Task Switching. This is where you come in with your Samurai Sword Of Righteousness and get things done more then paying customers. Now your closer becoming Champion on thy way to prosperity in the name of peace, power and joy.

Try Your Best:
When you plug into The Powerhouse Method you are required to show up with ferocity and become obsessed with producing tangible results. Best tactic is to meditate, visualize your goal of the session before you plugin and embrace high performance in the name of propserity.

Don't Suck:
This is the only time I will discuss loosing. Loosing is a fear state of mind. A fear state of mind is simply the inverse of peaceful, powerful and joyful. So sad, mad, scared. See what I did there? I told you the positives first before telling you the negatives. I did this to train your mind to disregard all negative energy. It is your job to protect your positive energy. Others will try to impose their negative energy onto you in the form of sad, mad, scared. This is inevitable. So if you are in a negative state of mind math says you suck.
The only time you lose is when you do not complete tasks. I have laid the foundation for your sucess here. If you don't get the money it's because of something in your control which only you can change.

Eliminating the words "can't", "why" and removing curse words will increase your prosperity proc rate. I am speaking from first hand experiennce. Think Buddah.

Hit Hard Talk Later:
On your road to the 4% club you will need to step up as a Leader. You have no choice. The 4% Club requires you to to build Your Tribe with other Homo Sapiens in order to consistently produce $1,000,00 in revenue per year. You can get to The 5% Club as a Lone Wolf, Miser but not the 4% club. What got you here won't get you there. Think in terms of controlling seven Homo Sapiens with money. This will help visualize your own Tree of Knowledge relative to your reality. You, The Leader are number eight ∞. Disregard information and energy at eight as it is too far out of scope of the 0rcan0mic algorithm. When you see eight, think seven. Seven reprents Architect. In this stage, you are desiging the wireframes of your desired reality. Keep your circle small and tight. Trust few. Embrace the experience of The Powerhouse Method and level up at your own organic pace. Ruthlessly effective organic pace that is. Boolean Logic.

For 30 years of my life my Modus Operandi was "hit hard talk later". For example, when I play poker I only play top 25 hands. Once you find this out about my play style you understand I bring the big guys when I place my chips in the pot. Our actions speak to The Universe even though no words have been said. This is how your actions get other Homo Sapiens to react to your energy that you exherted. At this point The Law of Attraction(LOA) is now on in machine code of the conversation. Take the issue a step further upto Level 4 to Orcanomics. Apply Benford's Law to LOA and this is when manifestation happens. There is undiscovered truth here relative to The Theory of Everything.

Now you are in an offensive state of mind. Getting Homo Sapiens to react to The Mission without having to pay them will teach you many things. Good and Bad. In The Powehouse Method, you are not allowed to hire an employee until I personally verify you have generated $250,000 of revenue with your own hands. This is a painful process because of your lust for gold. Trust me, you will thank me for this lesson of Gold Fever.

On your road to 4-5% when you start to speak out as a Leader you will recieve power from The Universe. You will be emotionaly taxed by others trying to stunt your growth because you are out growing them in terms of being a successful Business Owner. I have heard from multiple Christians telling me to not follow numbers. Really? You mean to tell me you Jesus Lover's best words are to tell The Accountant to not follow numbers? Well, let me ask you something friend. How much revenue have you generated as a Business Owner? Pardon? Do you have a business sir? Oh...Do you know what an asset is?

These types will even say to talk less, listen more because you could be coming across acting like you are better then others. Reality is once you have generated One Million Dollars as a Business Owner you are better then most Homo Sapiens. If you get to this point, The Five Percent Club (5%), this is your card to play now. It's time to take action and complete a task.

Most Homo Sapiens will never reach the 5% Club. You should be proud of yourself once you reach the 5% club. The 5% Club is a Life Milestone Achievement. As long as you stay in a state of mind of peace, power and joy your spirit will guide you past these Karens who love you but need to find out ways they can support you better other then sending you their negative emotion. To these people I say shut your mouth, open your ears and listen with your heart because you are watching manifestation in its purest form. This energy needs to be supported. Without truth seekers evil wins. Remember, we aren't trying to win a Presidential Election or popularity contest. We exist to be ruthlessly effective in the name of truth, freedon and prosperity. Boolean Logic.

The Days of the quietest man in the room is the richest guy in the room are long gone. This is because of Gamification and advancement of the Human Mind to levels never experienced before. The future is headed this way and not turning back. Embrace change and become The Coyote in you. If I am somewhere and the richest guy is the quietest, the Homo Sapien is either an 8 or 0 based on 0rcan0mic algorith. If he is an 8 you know to avoid frictions with 8. You help 8. You serve 8. If we don't know if he is an 8, 0rcan0mic labels him as a narcicists/miser until he proves otherwise peaceful, powerful and joyful to The Mission's fruit of labour. Takes work to build your Jesse Tree. No escape around that.

Old Guys with Gold Fever moving forward, circulating gold into the Ecosystem. Otherwise, The Old Guys get comfy in the chair beside their coffer of gold coins and stay in their Ivory Tower while their Sword rusts. There are no secrets anymore in business, only information people choose to not share with others. Best part is all the tools of freedom are there for you to create your own prosperity. Now, with The Powerhouse Method in place you produce tangible results in your life that you are seeking through your current mental pain.

Business is pretty binary at the beginning of every transaction. Chess is an obsolete game. Chinese Go is much harder. Until you reach the 4% club best to keep your mouth shut and embrace Gamification. Remember the one who sees from the sides has eight eyes. Use silence to speak your results as you wait for your moment to shine.
Patience is a virtue.
The Flame that burns twice as bright.
Burns half as long.
Trojan Strides!
*unison chanting in perpetuity*

"T! - R! - 0! - J! - A! - N! - S!"

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