The Powerhouse Method

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We have multiple payment options available.
We strive to be fair and reasonable.


A) Orca Computer - $66 per month
Encrypted email, multiple lists, sms, unlimited forms, hosting, lightning fast load times, multiple auto responders, multiple webpages, ecommerce store, SSL, dedicated I.P., daily backups, video remote desktop conferencing, ability to create your own offer and generate your own magic link to equip a sales force, appointment scheduler, nextcloud server for business.
The Orca Computer was built with the foudnation of Freedom, Security and Privacy.
~You will not be censored here

B) Orca Computer Training- $22,222 one time fee
6 Month Apprenticeship - Female Founders only

222/222 Spots available. I may never do this again. I want to serve these customers so I can buy a house in Vancouver and get Duchess and I set up with a long term home for our Family.
These 222 Females are futureproof Business Leaders of The Millenials

C) Orca Computers Membership - $182.50 per month
We provide support to Your Organization

D) Done For You - $33,333
We will build your Omnichannel Asset as if it were our own.
E) Orca Email - $5.55 per month
Email more secure then Canada Revenue Agency which is The Canadian Government who collects all of Canada's taxes.
Yes the email goes to your cell phone.

F) Great Results Business Coaching - $1,111 per month. Four customers only.
4/4 Spots available