The Powerhouse Method

The Powerhouse Method

Role Description

**Open Source Movement**

Eight year Saas company looking for a female Muslin or Chrisitan who ressonates with The Mission which is to transfer my toolbox of high income skills to as many people as possible wi th the time I have left on Earth and wants to be the Miss Money Penny of a James Bond of The Powerhouse Method.

The ideal candidate is an ambitious detail-oriented individual who will be curious or have apassion for Linux and open source technology. This person will oversee the company's financial records and become a pillar of the movement. You will be responsible for maintaining a set of monthly consolidated financial statements.

Requested committment: six months then we can re-evaluate our relationship. I'm going to want you to stay =) but let's see how it goes.


Get corporate books upto date

Get real estate company upto date

Monthly Financial Statements

Manage all administrative matters

Liason with CRA in regards to annual SRED


You have to care about The Mission, I lead and build with love. If you don't this isn't the place for you.

Female. I am looking to strategically leverage the Femal movement because I support it.

You have to know accounting, I can answer your questions no problem but I'm looking for someone who can come in and "get er done" kinda thing. I won't teach you how to do bookkeeping but I will teach you everything else I know.

Linux, you will be using Fedora, this will make you smarter and give you competitive advantage on your peers. You will thank me a few years from now. Stable internet

Will be using GNU Cash. If you have a passion for learning API technology and making GNU cash a better product great now you are even more useful to the mission.

The Mission requires someone with a tech curious mind.


You get access to all our software and proprietary methods to generate revenue if you choose. You will become one of the best email marketers in the world and potentially a super affiliate marketer if you choose. This is not a binary journey.

Working with a World Class Technology Leader (Retired CPA, CA)

You will be groomed as a CFO from day one with the same high standards I have to uphold as a Controller of a publically traded company and a Fortune 500 franchise.

Creative Freedom

Research and Development


I look forward to growing with you. If you decide to apply to this sweat equity position tell me about yourself this will make you stand out from the othercanditates. Think of your response as your first impression upon meeting someone. Except this first impression is digital not in person.

If you resonate with this frequency please fill out the following form.